Lotsen up: Urbanears grows remote speaker go with texture secured cuboid

Now and then, you needn’t bother with your Wi-Fi speaker to accompany a neural system controlled AI right hand inside – you simply need it to stream tunes off your telephone, tablet or PC with at least whine, ideally while looking great into the deal. Urbanears new Lotsen (£179, accessible now) puts a fat ol’ tick in each one of those crates. With Spotify Connect, AirPlay, Chromecast and Bluetooth worked in, it’ll match up with basically anything, while its squared-off texture shape (accessible in six distinct hues) is sufficiently exquisite to fit in the most up-to-date of homes. Urbanears claims its sound is sufficiently strong to fill “little to medium” rooms, however in the event that you have to grow its achieve it can be connected up in a multi-room setup, either with other Lotsen speakers or Urbanears’ current Stammen and Baggen models.

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